Florence Dream Lab

Experience your dreams

The best
vacation experiences
in Florence

Our activities are designed to instill in travelers the curiosity and the desire to keep learning the small things in life. Informal but professional work spaces for varied artistic and recreational activities,  alternative tours to fully dive in the contemporary Italian culture, as well as wellness treatments for you to slow down and get to know yourself a bit more.

Our team of young professional composed of artisans, holistic practitioners, and guides all have one thing in common: they do what they love. And all of them are willing to share their knowledge and divulge the magic that exists inside their artworks, treatments, and tours.


The majority of FLORENCE DREAM LAB activities take place in a specially designed space: The AppArt.

This has been the catalysts of the FLORENCE DREAM LAB – A nourishing and magical place settled in the heart of Florence where to explore the real Florentine identity

The AppArt

A magic place
settled in the heart of Florence
where to experience the real Florentine identity. 



Our desks.
Specifically produced by local designers
to magnify any experience


The Wellness Room


A cozy violet room
Lovingly set up for joyful wellness experiences




The lab of your dreams is in Florence!
Tours, treatments, and creative experiences
to make your Florentine vacation simply memorable


We believe personal happiness is the foundation of a rich life. To make this happen we have to get back in contact with our individuality and our creativity. To water them and love them as if they were plants. If people are the soil, FLORENCE DREAM LAB helps to find the seed best suited to them, to plant it and watch it take root, to give them the tools to take care of the plant on their own.