Did you know Knitting is considered therapeutic?

Knitting is considered therapeutic for various reasons: it keeps the brain young by stimulating its logical side, it’s beneficial for blood pressure levels, motor issues, and the immune system. Knitting also stimulates creativity and gives one a deep sense of relaxation: a kind of yoga for the mind. The course is for those wanting to learn the basic techniques of knitting, to make their own personalized pieces of clothing or to have something to stimulate their creativity while relaxing. The teacher will guide the participant through the world of knitting techniques, which are ancient but also absolutely current. With knitting we can create an infinite number of things: clothing, household decorations, and even design unique pieces.

A way to get closer to the ground, to see how we can actually create something

All materials are included and participants will be gifted with a  knitting kit.

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October 2021


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Instructor for this class
Born in Florence in 1971, Elena Bucciarelli has studied and worked in the fields of fashion, music, and theater. A graduate in Minor Arts / Costume and Fashion, she worked for 12 years in the fashion world, in charge of photo shoots and shows. Elena knits since she was 6 years old thanks to three great women in her life: her grandmothers and her mother.

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