Pottery, What a Magic

pottery, what a magic


A journey through the steps of pottery: the wheel or the slab, the glazing and the decoration.

The goal of the course is for each participant to make one or more objects in fresh clay on a pottery wheel, and also to glaze and/or decorate another piece. The idea is to understand the basic steps of making an object in maiolica, a traditional artisanal technique. For those who are not interested in the wheel, they can alternatively make objects by hand on the slab, a technique that allows you to experiment with various textures. If the workshop is extended, participants may try both techniques and go deeper into each one. At the end of the course, participants will be able to take home a finished object made by the artist. If interested, they can leave their contact information and, for an extra fee, receive the objects they made or decorated, shipped directly to their home country. All materials are included


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October 2021
Instructor for this class
Margherita, a ceramic artist, became passionate about the pottery world and artistic craftsmanship after studying industrial design. She has worked in the field of ceramics since 2012, mostly at crafts markets and fairs where she exhibits her products. All Margherita’s creations are handmade and hand-decorated, using only organic, lead-free materials.

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