What kind of experiences can be found in Florence?

What kind of experiences can be found in Florence?

How many experiences are in Florence?

Experiences in Florence: there are countless experiences in Florence, it can be easy to be overwhelmed.  You want to make the most of the time spent in Florence and rather than try to fit everything in, choose a variety of experience that will give you a real taste of Florentine culture and what this beautiful city has to offer.


What about experiences in Florence?

Undoubtedly, Florence is one of the most famous cities in the world. There are countless books and blogs to research.  For example, Hand Luggage Only Blog has an article outlining the 14 of the best places to visit while in the Tuscan capital. This article is a good starting point as it ticks off all infamous places such as Piazza Signoria, Ponte Vecchio and Piazzale Michelangelo.


What kind of experiences

Florence has a huge range of activities and experiences.  The most known and frequented are the more traditional or historical like museums and churches. It is not a surprise as Florence is one of the world capitals of art with over than 20 different national museums (ref. Wikipedia). Although, having so many, sometimes leads to an overestimated glory of some places rather than others. This happens both with churches and museums (let’s think about at the Bargello and the Specola Museums, both very rich in beauty and history yet both in the shadows of others).

Florentine culture is not just about museums and religious site.  The culture is formed from many meanings and habits. Habits that, with time, have mixed with foriegn cultures, have modified and grown.  Culture thrived during the renaissance and will forever on. I will give you an example- Coffee. more specifically about specialty coffee. We all know Florence and the entirety of Italy has a very long history in coffee. However, it is also known in recent decades coffee knowledge, brewing systems and its sustainability processes have drastically improved. Because coffee was already embedded in italian culture, It took Italy a little longer than other countries to adapt these new methods. Only lately has ‘specialty coffee’ been accepted in Italy and Florence has obviously its mark on it with one of the best Specialty Coffee Shop in all of Italy, Ditta Artigianale. Ditta Artigianale opened in 2014 and since has lead the way to a new and world-integrated italian coffee culture. The power of Florence, the power of the mixing cultures present in the city since it’s ancestrals beginnings. The opening of the first specialty coffee shop in Florence started a chain reaction producing the opening of many more specialty coffee shops and rosteries within and nearby the city, such as Coffee Mantra and D612 Coffee Roasters.


Concluding, the blend of and evolution of Florentine culture is clearly visible these days. There’s also a contemporary sea rich of new mixed cultural traditions that lies beneath the Florentine surface which is making its way into the light. Like a seed beginning to sprout. Airbnb, with its experience section has obviously taken notice, but not fully taken ahold of this. You must be submerged within it to truly comprehend all the aspects of the continuous cultural evolution Florence is subjected to. 


That is a job for Florence Dream Lab! Florence Dream Lab offer the alternative dive into the culture of our beloved city. Discover contemporary experiences created from mixed roots, that have been created in our time.


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