Tips and tricks on how to brew a good cup of coffee at home

Tips and tricks on how to brew a good cup of coffee at home

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How to brew a good coffee at home: 4 tips and tricks


How to brew a good coffee at home? We all know, brewing coffee looks great when we look at our baristas working on it, but things get a bit less easy when we try to it by ourselves. It seems hard at first, true, but it’s easier than it looks like. And this works with all kind of extraction methods. All we need to do is to follow some simple tips and tricks in order to make the most out of the brewing.


Brewing coffee: a brief history

Everyday we drink coffee at our homes. The difference rather lies in the methods we choose to brew it. Some like it as an espresso, others like the moka, others more like it filter (either pour over or aeropress). Regardless of the chosen extraction method, what most people don’t know is that  first of all coffee is fruit and it has been around for centuries if not more. The roots of coffee as globally traded good go back to the 13th century and see the main producing Country in the Arabian peninsula, but surely the coffee was brew and drunk in the country for much longer. At the time the common way of brewing coffee was to seep directly the coffee grounds in hot water and to wait for the extraction that could take from 5 hours to half a day. Not really a to-go- thing. Fortunately things have changed with time.


Brewing coffee: the nowadays methods

As with all other goods also coffee has seen its importance grow through the centuries. And as the coffee spread throughout the globe, also the methods of extraction and brewing changed along the way.

At nowadays we can count three different main ways to brew your coffee at home. Specifically we talk about the methods of:

  • The moka 
  • The V60
  • The Aeropress

Brewing coffee: 4 Some useful tips and tricks to brew it at home

All of the three different methods just explained above have their proper tips and tricks to work properly but, anyway, surely there are some generic tips that can work for either one of them. In fact, regardless of the chosen extraction method, here are 4 useful tips to learn and remember next time we try to brew our coffees at home:

  • The freshness of coffee 

    • here’s another thing most people don’t know: coffee loses most of its aromatic notes and flavors after 2-3 months from the roastery, that is why it’s better to use it fresh
  • Using only freshly grounded coffee

    • This is due to what just said above. Using a just ground coffee guarantees a better and higher aromatic level. The grinding levels then change according to the method
  • Using high quality manual grinders 

    • As said above, the grinding levels do change according to the method. For example for the drip methods a larger particle size is required than for the moka and this is why it is important to use manual grinders. There are plenty of those, simple and practical, for all types of wallets
  • The water used to brew it

    • This is, maybe, the most important and most unknown tips we could share. Not all the waters are the same, Each kind of water differs from the others based on the mineral salt content it holds. To brew a good cup of coffee it is necessary to find a water which has a medium level of minerals in it. To choose the right kind of water we have to look at least for those kinds with a zero level of iron in it and with an ideal range of total dissolved solids between 125 and 175 mg/l. Any other level of those means the water needs to be corrected. We say at least because (obviously) these are not the only important parameters to look for, but they’re for sure the essentials. 

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