The Crew

The Crew

The Idea

FLORENCE DREAM LAB is born of the desire to rediscover the child in each of us, by fulfilling dreams and goals that we all have within.The goal of FLORENCE DREAM LAB is to give life to all those activities that we’ve always dreamed of and which for various reasons we’ve never let ourselves try. To see how far our creativity can go, to get in the game and challenge ourselves to make our interests and desires a reality, even if they’ve been long dormant within us. One of the objectives of FLORENCE DREAM LAB is to help people to work concretely on their fantasies.

Getting the team together

That is why, with dedication, care, and love, we have selected some of Florence’s best artisans, holistic practitioners, and guides; people who make a living by creating, because of the love and joy this brings them. People who have the dream of sharing their knowledge and divulging the magic that exists inside their artworks, treatments, and tours. Our community’s greatest strength, other than the abilities and professionalism that every member adds to their field, and other than the friendship that ties us to them, is the love and dedication they bring to their work (in spite of the many difficulties imposed by a society that doesn’t support authentic creation). They do what they love, and because of that they gain more than just the money to survive and pay the bills; they receive the love they give. And so it is an immense honor and pleasure for us to introduce to you, one by one, the amazing souls that make up our team, that make possible this project of continuous creative and personal growth. Each of them brings something different to the table, but all have a big heart and great, marvelous stories to tell, for whomever wishes to listen. 

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Karolina Nor

Fresco instructor

Christian Wehrsteing

leather Instructor

barbara marrucci

cousine instructor

diletta pianorsi

Bookbinding instructor

Jay Zaccheus

Leather Instructor


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