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At FLORENCE DREAM LAB, we believe in personal happiness as the foundation of a rich life. To make this happen we have to get back in contact with our individuality and our creativity, to water them and love them as if they were plants. If people are the soil, FLORENCE DREAM LAB helps to find the seed best suited to them, to plant it and watch it take root, to give them the tools to take care of the plant on their own. We think that also wellness takes a big part in self discovery, that is why we asked some of the best Florentine Healers to join us in this journey and, with dedication, care, and love, we have selected some of the best treatments you can ever ask for. We are able to do this thanks to the help of the skilled, passionate people who have decided to collaborate with us, whom you can read about on our page, The Crew. We are forever grateful to these people for sharing our life vision and for making their abilities and experience available, so we can build a world made of passion and love together. Happy searching!

Our Healers


tuina - crystal therapy - aromatherapy - foot reflexology


tuina - shiatsu - reiki


reiki - foot reflexology

We hope that the list we’ve put together is to your liking; otherwise you can go to our Make Your Wish page and let us know if there are specific courses, activities, or treatments that you’d like (or have dreamed of) learning! At the same time, if you think you might have skills and experience that could help others find their dream, or if you have the dream of transmitting what you’ve learned in life, what makes you feel alive, you can visit our Join Us page. It would be not only a pleasure but an honor to work with you! The more people we are, the better! We’ll be waiting for you with arms open!

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