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Rebirthing is a technique of circular breathing, a very easy yet intense exercise to purificate the physical and mental toxins. It is a training in cleaning, enhancing, enjoying and freeing our inner life and beyond. Rebirthing involves meditation through breathing, through physical sensations, feelings, thoughts and vision that come along the way. Each session will focus first on body movements with stretching, massages and specific self- massages to optimize the energetic flow and prepare the body for the breathing sessions. Music will be an important element that will drive us,  creating appropriate landscapes and rhythms to these journeys.

A easy and relaxing way to silence the mind!


  • 1 HOUR TREATMENT –  75.00€

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April 2021
one of the healers
Emanuelle Serrao has been passionate about the holistic world since 2004, and she never stops updating and continuing her trainings. During all these years she has specialized in many different techniques: she’s a SHIATSU practitioner and teacher at the Shiatsu-ki school in Florence (COS certified), a certified masseuse and teacher of traditional Thai massage and foot reflexology, a Reiki Master, a CSEN instructor of QI GONG certified by CONI at the School of Traditional Acupuncture of Florence, a Tui Na teacher, and a professional Rebirther registered with AIREB.

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