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The Tuinà massage, which literally means TUI “to push” and NA “to grab”, is a very ancient technique dating back to 453 B. C. This technique is part of the medical disciplines of ancient China and is based on the lines of our body’s meridians, or the energy channels that flow along our body. It is a a discipline aimed at preserving and recovering the state of well-being which acts on organs and viscera, on Qi (energy) and on blood, enhancing the body’s resistance to diseases. The massage involves the same points as acupuncture, but instead of applying needles, manual maneuvers are applied which help to regain psycho-physical balance. The treatment is catered to the recipient’s needs, after analyzing their energetic level through listening to the wrists and observing the body language.

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  • 1 HOUR TREATMENT –  75.00€

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April 2021
one of the healers
Giulia is a Naturopath born and raised in Tuscany. She mainly deals with consultations and treatments of many different holistic therapies and her goal is to restore a person’s psycho-physical balance using natural remedies such as Bach Flowers, plants, essential oils, and specific massages such as foot reflexology and Tui Na. Her motto is: listen to your body, communicate with your mind.

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