About us

Hello Hello and Welcome to Florence Dream Lab!

We’re so pleased that you’ve stumbled into FLORENCE DREAM LAB and that you want to find out more about us! We’ll be happy tell you the whole story…

Our Story

We’re Luca and Virginia, a couple who have been working in tourism for years; both of us come from similar but parallel experiences in the fields of hospitality and sustainable and cultural tourism. Our life paths crossed (luckily) two years ago, and since then we’ve joined forces and knowledge. As explorers ourselves of this amazing world, we’ve understood how important it is to comprehend and satisfy travelers’ needs, to give them the best experience possible in the country they’re visiting. Florence has always been our home, to which we’ve always returned, and over time we’ve been able to develop an enormous amount of knowledge about the area. This has allowed us to build varied, significant collaborations in many different sectors.

Why we do it – The Reality

Over the years we’ve noticed how much everyone’s free time has been reduced, and how we all search in our vacations for activities that help us rediscover and develop that essential part in us– that part that lights our spirits on fire, that makes us feel alive, like when we were kids.

The Vision: Activities in Florence

With this project we seek to share a way of life made up of ongoing education (because we never stop learning) and intense, profound relationships. We aim to enrich and nurture these experiences in communities that are like families but that always maintain a base of professionalism.

The Purpose – Real fulfilling activities

The goal is to give life to all those activities that we’ve always dreamed of and which for various reasons we’ve never let ourselves try. To see how far our creativity can go, to get in the game and challenge ourselves to make our interests and desires a reality, even if they’ve been long dormant within us. One of the objectives of FLORENCE DREAM LAB is to help people to work concretely on their fantasies.


Florence Dream Lab is an intangible space, a convertor of thoughts into actions, a connector of people and multiplier of imaginations. It exists as a continuous interchange of knowledge, interests, experiences, and desires.

A place where dreams become real.

We hope you all will feel at home with us!

Virginia and Luca






Exclisive Classes

Our courses are designed to instill in travelers the curiosity and the desire to keep learning the small things in life. In informal but professional settings and focusing on exclusive relationships, we offer many different kinds of courses thanks to the help of the skilled, passionate people who have decided to collaborate with us.

Unconventional Tours

Ours are not the classic tours that you can think of. This is for two reasons: first, because FLORENCE DREAM LAB is  here to help those who, like our guides, do their work with passion and love. The second reason is that FLORENCE DREAM LAB, at heart, is about showing the other face of Florence, a real, contemporary face, painted by local people for people who want to really explore the true reality of a city.

Personal Treatments

At FLORENCE DREAM LAB, we believe in personal happiness as the foundation of a rich life. We think that also wellness takes a big part in self discovery, that is why we asked some of the best Florentine Healers to join us in this journey and, with dedication, care, and love, we have selected some of the best treatments you can ever ask for.


FLORENCE DREAM LAB is born of the desire to rediscover the child in each of us, by fulfilling dreams and goals that we all have within. It’s about becoming aware that we grow by doing, and that we learn through action.