The Space

The space

Most of the activities of FLORENCE DREAM LAB take place in a very particular space, called The AppArt, which has been the catalysts of the whole project.

The AppArt


The AppArt is a magic place, settled in the heart of Florence. Located at the ground floor of an un-standardize flat, in a renaissance building which once was a monastery. Borgo Albizi, the location of the space, is one of the most ancient streets of Florence which, changing name, crosses the whole centre from Piazza della Repubblica to Piazza Beccaria.


The apartment itself is a piece of art, hand built by up-cycling the most various objects. The vaulted ceilings and five-meters-tall walls are adorned with drawings and artworks made by contemporary Florentine artists.


At the AppArt we specifically offer the vaulted open space for manual and artistic activities while holist treatments take place in our super cozy and violet colored room.


To relax and have fun.

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